How it works

A 5-step guide to Emata


We get you started!

We install Emata on your cooperative's computer and phone. Our local impact team train your staff on how to use it.

Manage your co-op digitally

The co-op uses Emata to register farmer deliveries, update prices, create payment schedules and share daily SMS updates with farmers.

Did you know that a farmer automatically receives an SMS every time their delivery is registered in Emata?


Data-driven decision-making

Emata empowers you to make better decision for your cooperative. You finally get the overview you've always dreamt about.

Make decisions and track the impact in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Advanced credit-scoring

While you focus on your operations, Emata combines your data with advanced risk analytics to make sure that each of your co-op's members are offered tailored loan products.


Farmers apply for loans!

Emata offers instant and affordable loans to the cooperative's members, allowing them to invest in the productivity of their farms!

That's it!

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