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Do you want to double your volumes, stop side-selling and reward loyal farmers?

Elevate your operations with Emata: Let's grow together and put your farmers first.
Boost farmer productivity
Instant loans – always on time for the season
All digital, cut the paperwork
Stop side-selling

Most farmers sell 50% of their produce to other buyers, not you. Side selling happens when farmers need loans: Whoever gives the loan buys the produce. Let that be you.

Loans for your farmers

Reward your loyal farmers with affordable digital loans, enabling them to invest in productivity-enhancing practices, purchase inputs, and expand operations.

Double your volumes

Emata loans have doubled delivery volumes for our existing partners by increasing farmer productivity and reducing side-selling.

We understand agriculture

Emata understands the unique challenges faced by farmers and have designed our loans to match that.

Farmers take up loans when they need them, and repay at harvest.

Why partner with Emata?

By offering loans to your farmers, you empower them to invest in their farms and achieve greater productivity.

Together, let's dare farmers to dream big and invest in a bright future for agriculture!

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Don't just take our word for it

Here's what our partners say:
“The team at Emata are so enthusiastic, positive and driven by making a positive impact. They are not only great partners but also friends to Agri Evolve.”
Beth Rowland
Agri Evolve
Coffee, Rwenzori
“The input purchased with Emata loans have helped our farmers improve their standards, their yields, their income, and allow them to pay for school fees. Our farmers truly appreciate Emata.”
Kalimunda Godfrey
AHRCDCO Farm Supply
Maize, Mubende
“Emata has helped our cooperative and farmers increase the milk volumes even in the dry season. They also help us, as a cooperative, better serve our farmers.”
Musuyi Daniel
Balawoli Kyebajatobona Dairy Farmers' Cooperative Society Ltd
Dairy, Kamuli

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