The future of farmer financing.

With Emata, we digitise the dairy sector and give farmers access to digital and affordable financial products.

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Bringing financial products to farmers across East Africa. 

Emata will allow farmers to use the power of loans to invest in the productivity of their farms.

KYC for farmers

The cooperatives register key facts about the farmers (like size, location and number/type of cattle) on their first visit.

Transparent recording

Daily milk deliveries are registered in the app. When the delivery is registered by a milk assistant, the farmer automatically receives an SMS about the quantity and price of the delivery.

Buy vital supplies

Need medicine, feed or other products that are vital for the farm? Emata allows farmers to buy this on credit at select stores with CCO (credit check offs). The amount is automatically deducted from their account.

Facilitate payments

At the end of the payment period, the app calculates the amount of money owed to the farmer, and facilitate payments in cash, bank or mobile money.

Available offline

In rural areas, data connectivity can be unreliable. The app lets you enter data offline, and then sync with the cloud-based ledger later.

Ensure predictability

The advanced analytics platform gives insights into production volumes, price development, and payments. Neat!

What is Emata?

About Emata

Our goal is to provide affordable loans and other digital financial products to farmers across East Africa.

How are we transforming farmer financing?

Emata is the future of farmer financing. Agriculture is the cornerstone of African economies, yet agriculture fails to live up to its potential due to a chronic lack of financing.

Emata will change this. We have started by building a credit history through digitising milk delivery systems in Uganda.

Based on this credit history, Emata can provide credit to farmers at interest rates that are low enough to finally allow farmers to use the power of loans to invest in the productivity of their farms.

We make this possible by utilising end-to-end digital processes, data-backed risk analytics, and a mobile-based distribution model.

Who are we?

Emata is a product made by Laboremus Uganda, a tech company based in Kampala, Uganda. Together with our Norwegian counterpart Quesnay, we deliver services to large companies in the Nordic and East-African banking and finance sector.

In 2016, we decided that it was time to use our extensive knowledge of financial technology to make a difference. The result is Emata.

Our partners at the United Nations' Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) have made this video about Emata:

Built in Kampala

Emata was created and built by Laboremus Uganda. Visit us at our offices in Bugolobi, Kampala for a demo.